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Anklets are here!

I’ve been getting many requests for permanent jewelry anklets so here’s all the info you need to get a little sparkle on your ankle this summer!


Anklets are $150 for all options at this time. If you want to add a charm those range from $20 to $100 depending on the size and style of the charm. For example, charms with diamonds or other gems are going to cost more than a simple gold sun or clover. For an updated inventory selection please send me a message on Instagram, availability is while supplies last.


If there is a chain style or metal color that you are in love with or dead set on please let me know before your appointment so that I can be sure to have it in stock. My inventory fluctuates a lot as business is increasing. If you want a chain option that you haven’t seen in my photos please let me know, I love to order new chains for you guys! Be sure to note that my supplies take 4-6 business days to arrive to the studio.


I will fit the anklet to your ankle based on your preference. Some clients like to wear them loose and others like them snug. You’ll get a chance to walk around the studio to make sure it feels right before we spark it. Once the anklet is on it is my policy that you cannot switch chain styles so before I put the chain on make sure you’ve considered all the options. You’ll be able to hold each chain up to your ankle to see how they will look when you are picking out your style.


If you want to change your anklet to a bracelet, after summer is over and we start wearing boots again, I will be happy to switch it to a bracelet for a $10 fee. Do not book these appointments through the website, contact me directly to avoid paying the $25 deposit.

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