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Charming Charms

I’ve been getting a lot of requests for charms lately. I love adding charms to sparked bracelets and anklets to make them unique and customizable. If you are looking to add a charm to your jewelry it’s important to let me know at least five days before your appointment so I have time to order it. I love getting special requests because it inspires me and others to expand the possibilities of permanent jewelry. Some charms I’ve done so far are: lucky numbers, initials of a special someone, and birthstones.

A special project I’m excited about is a bracelet for a client’s sentimental charm. The charm means a lot to her and she wants to symbolize the importance by getting it put on a permanent bracelet. My favorite part about working in permanent jewelry is getting to be apart of these important life stories and share these significant moments with people. It brings me great joy to make something so special.

If you have an idea for a charm, or want to get a charm you already own put on a bracelet or anklet, please send me a message!

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